Not Your Ordinary Pack


A journey always requires preparation and a health journey is no different. If you’ve tried this path before, I’m going to remind you, once again, there is no need to prepare yourself for deprivation. In fact, many of us who are struggling with obesity (okay, yeah, I said the “O” word, I’m not much of a flatterer and though I truly am not trying to offend here, I believe truth is better than shine) deprive ourselves on a daily basis. I have heard numerous clients (and friends) confess that they don’t eat anything all day long! Hello?? They are busy! I get that.

However, our Creator is quite clever and incorporated a fail-safe mechanism into our bodies to protect us from famine. When we don’t eat all day, we are literally starving our brain and every process our body performs of needed energy and nutrients. Every.single.nutrient.
So, just like we are created to do, our bodies panic and slow down all basic functions (metabolism). And when we DO finally fuel up, it takes energy and nutrients for immediate needs and literally hoards the rest (which really means STORES IT AS FAT) preparing for another day of starvation. It’s pretty cool really, if we WERE actually starving!

We can fix this! It is so simple you just won’t believe it! We have been doing this simple thing for our babies and our pets for centuries, and now we’re going to do it for ourselves. We are going to pack a cooler. I’m not talking about a lunchbox, or an insulated snack bag, Friends, I’m talking about a cooler! Mine has a zipper top area for dry items like multigrain crackers and homemade granola bars, side nets for napkins, plastic ware, etc. and a front pocket for cleaner upper wipes (sounds better than wipies right?). The main compartment is big! And it has a hard removable liner that fills up easily with ice at hotels. I use freezer ice thingies usually, but when traveling that is a nice feature.cooler

If you leave your home every day, then every night you can be preparing your meals for the next day. You plan for work, meetings, church, dates, YOU CAN PLAN TO FUEL YOUR BODY PROPERLY, I just know you can!!

Now don’t go all glassy eyed on me. I’m not saying to pack spaghetti and meatballs, salad and French bread in there. But hard cooked eggs, berries, hummus, multigrain crackers, grape tomatoes, celery sticks, raw almonds, walnuts and cashews, yogurt, granola bars, left over steak slices…you get the picture. You know REAL food! Sure, if you want to make a great salad (not a boring one, we’ll talk about that later) then do it, but mainly make sure you have several small meals (a protein like egg, hummus, nuts, meat, cottage cheese or Greek yogurt paired with a healthy carb like apples, berries, crackers, celery, grapes, etc). We will be hitting this pairing stuff again so don’t worry if you’re starting to get overwhelmed.

Right now just get your cooler, a nice big water bottle and USE THEM. Fuel up lightly every 3 hours or so. Your body will soon realize it’s not going to starve anymore and gladly begin to give up its “stores”.

So Abundant Life Can Be Yours,


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