D’Vine Starts

These are just a few breakfast ideas until I get the recipes up.

Crock Pot Groats (whole oats), nuts and dried fruit

 Avocado Eggs Benedict-
whole grain English muffin with avocado slices topped with over easy egg.

Whole grain waffle or pancakes, nut butter, real maple syrup or hot fruit compote

Whole grain pita pizza
(top with breakfast sausage, mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes, etc.)

  Hard cooked eggs and an apple

  Nut butter with apple slices

 Brown rice cakes with nut butter and raisins

Veggie frittata (crust-less quiche)

Greek yogurt parfait (berries and granola)

Cheese toast and apple slices

Everyday Danish-
Whole grain toast with ricotta and fruit spread, broiled

Egg, spinach and mushroom scramble

Black bean and cheese taco on corn tortilla

Fruit and Greek yogurt smoothie with ground flax seed and/or chia

Whole apple, scant handful of raw walnuts, almonds or cashews

Homemade muffin (Banana, blueberry, pumpkin…) with scrambled egg

Egg, provolone, and ham breakfast sandwich

Homemade granola bar and Greek yogurt cup

Brown rice and onion cakes (rice, onion, egg mixed and griddled)

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